Nicolas Cage Takes On A WWII-Era Shark In The 'USS Indianapolis' Trailer

Nicolas Cage is about to star in a WWII military drama, folks, so this should be pretty great, right? Maybe a return to form for the versatile yet wildly eccentric actor? Well...maybe...maybe not. See, the film is titled USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, and besides sounding like an episode of a History Channel docu-series, the newly-released trailer reveals that it's actually about Cage batting a WWII-era killer shark. At least it should be fun.

Directed by Marion Van Peebles (Posse) with Tom Sizemore and Thomas Jane co-starring, the film tells the true-ish story of USS Indianapolis' crew who were stranded at sea for four days after their ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo. Much of the crew perished in the attack but a few survived and used the wreckage to stay afloat. However they faced even greater perils, from dehydration to man-eating sharks.  Weirdly, Cage's character, U.S. Navy Captain Charles McVay, stood trial for the deaths of his crew. Was the shark a robot and he the only one who controlled it? If not that seems unfair.

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage opens May 30th.