Mike Myers And Simon Pegg Join 'Terminal' Alongside Margot Robbie

What was the last film you saw Mike Myers in? Chances are it was Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, way back in 2009, because it was the last time he was on the big screen. And that was just a small, albeit odd, cameo role for him. His last starring role was in The Love Guru which I apologize for reminding you of. Well Myers is ready for a comeback, and he's doing it in a film that will see him starring alongside Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg.

Myers and Pegg, along with Max Irons and Dexter Fletcher, will join the previously-cast Robbie in Terminal, a noir thriller directed by Vaughn Stein. The story centers on  two hitmen who take on a high risk suicide mission. Robbie plays the mysterious, dynamic woman they encounter and may be more involved than they suspected. No word on Myers or Pegg's roles, but the hitmen will be played by Irons and Fletcher, which is a little disappointing.

It'll be good to see Myers back and working again on projects that don't require him to voice an animated ogre. Believe it or not there are still rumors out there he could do another Austin Powers movie, but something tells me that ship has sailed. As for Pegg, he'll be seen next in Star Trek Beyond, which he also co-wrote. [Deadline]