Michael Douglas And Halle Berry Join Adrian Lyne's 'Silence'

Does Adrian Lyne have another Fatal Attraction on his hands? The director behind that sizzling classic and others such as 9 1/2 Weeks, Lolita, and Indecent Proposal, is reuniting with Michael Douglas for Silence, and Halle Berry will be joining them.

Set in 1960s Chicago during a snowy Christmas, the story centers on a man who is saved by an unlikely stranger named Silence when riots erupt throughout the city. This sounds a little different than Lyne's earlier films, but knowing him there will be an illicit affair in there somewhere.

No word on when this will shoot, but the film boasts the producing muscle of Will Packer, the guy behind many of Kevin Hart's hit comedies. Think he can find a way to hype a passionate romance between Douglas and Berry? Yeah, he can.  He'll probably start by changing that title because Martin Scorsese has it on lockdown, doesn't he?