Luke And Owen Wilson To Star In Prison Comedy With Martin Lawrence

The Wilson boys all got their big Hollywood break together in the cult classic, Bottle Rocket, but they've long since gone in different directions. The last time Owen and Luke teamed together it was a decade ago in the con-man film The Wendell Baker Story, which Luke co-directed alongside brother Andrew. Now Luke and Owen are teaming up again, and it's in a comedy that will co-star Martin Lawrence.

Larry Charles (Borat) will direct Luke and Owen Wilson and Martin Lawrence in an untitled prison comedy. Luke, who co-wrote the script, stars as Howie Summers, a man falsely accused of bank robbery who, thanks to his inept lawyer played by Owen, must serve life in prison. Lawrence plays his cellmate, Slick, who enourages Howie to find a woman on the outside and marry her. He follows Slick's instructions, but when he's exonerated he's suddenly stuck with this woman he barely knows.

Sounds a little bit like the Kevin Hart/Will Ferrell comedy Get Hard, which we definitely don't need more of. Something tells me this is going to rely heavily on whoever lands the female lead, so let's hope the brothers find a funny lady to join them. [THR]