Jennifer Lawrence Rumored For 'Ocean's 11' Remake With Sandra Bullock

With Jennifer Lawrence possibly wrapping up her role as Mystique after X-Men: Apocalypse, the Oscar-winning actress may be looking to add another franchise to her resume. A story over at The Tracking Board says she may be joining the all-female reboot of Ocean's 11 that was revealed last year.

If true, Lawrence would be joining Sandra Bullock in the cast, with Gary Ross directing and George Clooney on board as a producer. There hasn't been any new info on the film until now, and it looks like it would be a continuation of the previous films and not a true reboot. Bullock would be playing the ex-con sister of Clooney's Danny Ocean character, with Lawrence as her right-hand-woman. Together they form a team of thieves to steal a necklace from the Met Ball and frame a crooked gallery owner.

On the surface this would seem to make sense. Lawrence and Ross worked together on The Hunger Games and really hit it off, but the various projects they've attempted since then have fallen through. This would be a way to rectify that. If true it could mean this 'Oceans' will be as star-studded as the original, making it an awesome platform for a lot of really talented ladies.