Jake Gyllenhaal And Denis Villeneuve Are Reteaming For Jo Nesbo Thriller, 'The Son'

A couple of years ago Channing Tatum was itching to get behind the camera and make his directorial debut. The film he chose was an adaptation of Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbo's The Son. That never came to be, but the film is still happening only it will be with the exciting duo of Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve.

Gyllenhaal and Villeneueve have teamed up twice already and both efforts have been great in different ways. The first was the soul-shattering mystery Prisoners, and next the twisted doppelganger thriller, Enemy. The Son sounds like perfect material for them, following "a once-gifted 15-year-old and promising wrestler, whose life spirals out of control when his cop father commits suicide. He winds up in prison, nurtured by an uninterrupted supply of heroin from a seedy chaplain on the inside. When he learns long-hidden truths about his father’s unexpected death, he makes a brilliant escape and begins hunting down the people responsible for his wrongful sentence."

Unfortunately it could be a while before it rolls. Villeneuve is wrapping up sci-fi drama Story of Your Life with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. That will be followed by a sequel to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.  [Variety]