Interview: Russo Brothers Talk 'Civil War', Cap As An Insurgent, And The MCU's Future

When I first spoke with Joe and Anthony Russo it was a few years just as Captain America: The Winter Soldier was hitting theaters. The duo were just getting their feet wet in the MCU but had already impressed greatly with the espionage-themed flick that explored modern national security concerns.

Now as Captain America: Civil War arrives, the brothers are no longer superhero newbies. They are Marvel's not-so-secret weapons; the de facto standard bearers for the most powerful movie machine in all of Hollywood.  They've been given the responsibility of telling a story that splits the Avengers team in half. They've been given the responsibility of introducing fan-favorite characters Black Panther and Spider-Man. Plus, they've got to lay the groundwork for the future, in particular the films formerly known as Avengers: Infinity War. That's a lot of pressure.

Joined by Filmgordon.com's Tim Gordon, I had the chance to speak with the Russo Brothers about Captain America: Civil War. They talked about any pressure they were feeling to live up to these characters, they discussed why calling Captain America an "insurgent" is appropriate, and also the one character who could have the biggest impact on Phase 3.  You can check out the interview below, and also find my review of the film here.