Halle Berry Joins L.A. Riots Film 'Kings', Frank Grillo Is The 'Wheelman'

With Cannes getting underway we're seeing the usual flurry of announcements and attachments, and here are just a couple more. Halle Berry is set to headline Kings, which is interesting for two reasons. One is that it's set during the 1992 L.A. Riots, a topic many a high-profile filmmaker has failed to bring to the big screen. And two, it's to be directed by Deniz Gamze Erguven, who earned an Oscar nomination for his coming-of-age drama, Mustang. Berry will play a mother in South Central who has a romantic relationship with a white man as the racially charged riots are taking place.  Eh, shouldn't a film set during the riots really be about them? Hopefully there's more to it than the simple description suggests. [ScreenDail

Frank Grillo's a certified badass in pretty much everything he does. He can currently be seen in the #1 movie in the world, Captain America: Civil War, once again reprising his role as Crossbones. And now he's taking on Wheelman, a new action flick from director Jeremy Rush. Penned by Rush, the story centers on a getaway driver thrust into a high-stakes race for survival when a job goes wrong. With a car full of cash and his family's lives on the line, he must race to find out who double-crossed him, trusting only his 14 year old daughter for help.  Grillo reunites with producer Joe Carnahan, who he worked with on Liam Neesn's The Grey. This summer Grillo can be seen in The Purge: Election Day.