Get Super High With Pierce Brosnan In The 'Urge' Trailer

One can only play cool, suave secret agent or assassin so many times, and Pierce Brosnan is ready to try something new. Like, maybe, playing someone who isn't so heroic? Brosnan peddles an insanely addictive new drug in the action-thriller Urge, which has just debuted a crazy new trailer.

Directed by first-timer Aaron Kaufman (a producer on Machete Kills) from a script by Jerry Stahl (Bad Boys 2), the film centers on a group of young New Yorkers (Danny Masterson, Ashley Greene, Justin Chatwin, and Alexis Knapp) on vacation in an island paradise. There they encounter a Brosnan as a drug dealer known simply as "The Man", and despite the fact he looks like a cross between Satan and Hunter S. Thompson, they agree to try his mysterious new drug called Urge that leaves them incapable of controlling their urges. The catch is they can only use it once, however the drug does indeed "blow the doors off" just as promised, and they take it repeatedly with increasingly chaotic results.  Only one decides to stay sober the whole time, bearing witness to some disturbing acts of debauchery.

Urge hits theaters and VOD on June 3rd.