First Set Photos From Christopher Nolan's WWII Drama 'Dunkirk'

Christopher Nolan has already helped redefine our expectations from superhero movies with his 'Dark Knight Trilogy', but are you ready for him to do the same with war movies? Filming is underway on his WWII film, Dunkirk, about the famous "Miracle at Dunkirk" which took place in France 76 years ago this week. The first look at the scale and scope Nolan's production is now being glimpsed for the first time in new set photos, many from photographer Pierre Volot.

Much has been made about the casting as it will mostly feature unknown actors such as Fionn Whitead, Harry Styles of One Direction, Aneurin Barnard, and Jack Lowden. Meanwhile, more experienced actors such as Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Oscar winner Mark Rylance, and Cillian Murphy will have supporting roles in the ensemble. The story centers on Operation Dynamo, a rescue mission to evacuate  hundreds of thousands of trapped British Expeditionary Force and Allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940. Nolan will be reteaming with Interstellar cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema to capture the film in 65mm and 65mm IMAX, so it should be stunning to behold on the big screen.

Dunkirk opens July 21st 2017.

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