First Look At James McAvoy And Alicia Vikander In Wim Wenders' 'Submergence'

Much like Woody Allen, German director Wim Wenders is considered a legend by most for his earlier works. But of late he's had a rough go of things with his narrative features, such as the James Franco-led 3D drama Every Thing Will Be Fine, which nobody cared for despite its technical ambition. While he did earn an Oscar nomination recently it was for the excellent documentary, The Salt of the Earth. Wenders doesn't make many features any more, but he's giving it another go with Submergence, and with Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy as his leads it could be enough to turn things around.

The first look at Vikander and McAvoy in the adaptation of J.M. Ledgard's romantic novel, and already it looks like a passionate affair. The two play lovers separated by thousands of miles in incredible life-or-death circumstances, who use the memories of their relationship to persevere. McAvoy's character is being held captive by Jihadists in Somalia while Vikander is miles below the ocean floor in a submersible.

There's still no release date but you can probably expect to see Submergence on the festival circuit at some point.