First Look At Alden Ehrenreich And Lily Collins In Warren Beatty's 'Rules Don't Apply'

It was way back in 2011 when word first broke that Warren Beatty would be returning to the big screen with a Howard Hughes biopic that he would also direct. Ever since, the project has been more legend than reality, even as names such as Lily Collins, Alden Ehrenreich, and Beatty's wife Annette Bening joined the cast. Now suddenly not only do we have the first images from the long-awaited film, but an official title: Rules Don't Apply.

The images reveal Ehrenreich, who recently snagged the coveted Han Solo role in a standalone Star Wars movie, and Lily Collins, who was last seen in the romantic comedy, Love, Rosie. Unfortunately, no images of Beatty, who would be making his first appearance on screen in 15 years. He'll play Hughes, the famed filmmaker, aviator, and philanthropist, who forbids any kind of romance between his two employees, played by Collins and Ehrenreich. Beatty tells EW about the long wait to the film's completion...

“I never lost my curiosity about him. It’s just that I don’t run around doing movies all the time.”

Rules Don't Apply will open on November 11th, and has to be considered a player in the awards season. The rest of the cast includes Taissa Farmiga, Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Haley Bennett, Oliver Platt, Ed Harris, Martin Sheen, Candice Bergen, Steve Coogan, and many more.