Emily Carmichael To Direct Steven Spielberg And Colin Trevorrow's 'Powerhouse'

Quietly over the last few weeks director Emily Carmichael has been on a lot of people's lips. Why? The director behind the animated web series The Adventures of Ledo and Ix has been one of the hot names to direct Emily Blunt in a Captain Marvel film, based mostly on a rumor that the director and star would have the same first name. That could very well happen, but before that Carmichael has another huge project coming up that could be even bigger.

Carmichael will direct Powerhouse, a film produced by Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow, who are reteaming after the box office smash, Jurassic World.  Details on the family adventure film are under wraps but Carmichael will be scripting it as well, based on an original idea by Trevorrow. Here's what he had to say about inking Carmichael to the deal...

“Emily Carmichael is the next great writer-director of the kind of movies I love. Her ability to find warmth and humanity in genre storytelling is a superpower in itself.”

And her style does seem like a perfect fit for Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment banner, which tends to focus on youthful, imaginative adventure movies. Check out 'Ledo and Ix' below to get an idea of her work.