Ellen Page To Headline Post-Zombie Outbreak Movie 'The Third Wave'

Zombie movies aren't going anywhere; if anything there have only been more of them lately. But at least filmmakers are finding new ways to explore the impact of zombie outbreaks. Take a film like Maggie, for example, which told a very personal story about one family impacted by a daughter's transformation. And in the case of the upcoming film, The Third Wave, telling an intimate tale set within the genre is likely what attracted Ellen Page.

Page will star in The Third Wave, a psychological horror written and directed by David Freyne. This will be Freyne's directorial debut, but he's been behind a number of popular short films, including The First Wave which serves as a prequel.  Also on board to star in the film alongside Page is Sam Keely, last seen in Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea.

The story takes place after a zombie outbreak that turned many into the undead. An antivirus was developed to cure the infected, but society still looks at them as monsters, making it difficult for them to start over with their lives. As fear and distrust take hold, a terrorist movement arises that thrusts the world back into chaos.

Filming beings later this year in Ireland. Page is also set to headline a Flatliners remake alongside Diego Luna, and was seen in the dramedy Tellulah (review here) which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.