Ellen Page And Evan Rachel Wood Face Apocalyptic California In First 'Into The Forest' Trailer

The backwoods thriller genre is experiencing a low-key rebirth this year, it seems, with Natalie Dormer's The Forest, Adam Wingard's The Woods, and now the post-apocalyptic film, Into the Forest starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood.

Directed by Patricia Rozema, whose eclectic resume includes Kitt Kittredge, Mansfield Park, and When Night is Falling, Into the Forest follows two sisters struggling to survive after a power outage thrusts California into chaos. And the left coast certainly looks more ominous than ever as humanity is forced to live off the land, devolving into a dangerous survivalist culture the siblings may not be ready for.

Into the Forest hits DirecTV on June 23rd before a theatrical rollout a month later.