DCU Fallout Continues As 'Batman V Superman' Producer Has His Role Reduced

The fallout continues at Warner Bros. as they try to fix what's ailing their ambitious DC Films slate. We've already seen Seth Grahame-Smith shuffled off of The Flash, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg set up as the franchise's overseers, and Ben Affleck positioned as exec-producer on Justice League as part of the studio's grip-tightening on Zack Snyder. Now comes word that 'Batman v Superman' producer Charles Roven, one of the most visible and accomplished producers in Hollywood, is having his duties altered significantly.

THR reports that Roven has been pulled from day-to-day duties producing Justice League, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. That's a lot for one man to handle, and the site says he was so burdened with responsibilities that it wasn't physically possible for him to take it all on, especially as they plan to get more movies rolling. But the thing is he's already on set for Justice League, and yet WB felt the need to send Berg there to step in.  That point alone makes it clear what they really want is a totally fresh set of eyes watching Snyder like a hawk.

Even with all that has already happened I'm willing to bet this is just the start. It will be very interesting to see how the creative teams shake out for the upcoming DCU films, and if Snyder remains involved in an ongoing capacity after Justice League.

I went more in-depth on the current state of the DCU in the most recent episode of my show Cinema Royale, so check it out.