'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Recap- Season 1, Episode 16: "Legendary"

Sixteen episodes ago I was not sure what to think about this show. I remember in my first review I felt overwhelmed about the pilot because I did not instantly connect with Legends of Tomorrow in the same way I did with The Flash or Arrow. My inner fan boy did not connect with  the television version of the characters. There was just to much to work through in the beginning. Fast forward to the season finale, the show has evolved and improved in so many ways.

There was since of closure with a bulk of the storylines in season one. Rip has accepted that his family is dead. The moment between  Sara Lance and Rip was so on point because while he was helping her  accept the death of her sister(Laurel Lance) he accepted the death of  his family. Speaking of Sara, it nice to see that she has reconnected with her humanity. It was refreshing to see her grieve and be vulnerable with the team and her father.***Spoiler*** I also think it was the right choice  to remove Kendra and Carter from the show. I'm not sure if the writers could have done anything worth while with the characters especially with the way things ended with Vandal.

Vandal Savage was the highlight of the finale for me. The scene where he chased down Kendra was to good.  The way he attacked the Nazi soldiers with the knives was awesome. I love how the team had to defeat Vandal Savage in three different time zone.  I also like how each time zone was featured earlier in the season. I'm not sure who the big bad is for season two, but I'm hoping they find a way to feature Vandal Savage! He truly did make the show entertaining .

The show ended by introducing the Rex Tyler aka Hourman! He reveals that he was sent from the future by Mick Rory to warn them of about trouble that's waiting. Season 2 cant get here fast enough.
I'm excited to see how Mick's character will evolve now that he knows he play's a part in the events to come. I'm so curious to see how Rip will conduct him self  now that  his mission involves maintain order in the timeline. Looking forward to another season of Legends of Tomorrow!