Darkseid May Not Be The 'Justice League' Villain After All

*SPOILERS* Almost since the day Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder embarked on their DC Comics cinematic universe, the ultimate villain Darkseid has been teased as the biggest baddie of them all. Some thought he would appear in Man of Steel, but he didn't. Then we got some obvious teases of the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, for what many assumed would be his eventual appearance in next year's Justice League, also directed by Snyder. But that may not be the case if the latest sketchy rumor from Birth.Movies.Death has any validity.

The site, which has been off the mark lately, say that the actual villain of Justice League is Steppenwolf. Yeah, that's right. Batman will be hurling batarangs at your Dad's favorite rock band from the '70s.  No, obviously it's a different Steppenwolf. This one is actually the uncle of Darkseid and a general on the planet Apokolips. Like Darkseid he is one of the New Gods, characters created by the legendary Jack Kirby.  At one point he helps lead an attack on Earth, and that would make for a compelling reason for Bats to assemble the world's greatest superheroes. 

What's interesting is they say he was specifically teased in that nonsensical deleted scene from 'Batman v Superman'. Y'know, the one with Lex Luthor, that weird alien creature, and the all-powerful Mother Boxes. Check it out below...

Yeah, okay. That thing was not Steppenwolf, although there are some visual similarities. It's possible Snyder plans on making some major changes. Then again, the character is pretty wide open and Snyder could do just about anything he wanted with him, which he wouldn't be able to do with a more recognizable villain. So who knows? The whole rumor might be bullpucky anyway.