Daniel Craig May Or May Not Be Done As James Bond, Nobody Knows Sh*t

Anybody who followed the Spectre press tour got the hint pretty quickly that Daniel Craig had no interest in returning to play 007 again. What was it he said? Oh yeah he'd rather "slash his wrists" than suit up as James Bond for another film.  Bets are already being taken on who his replacement will be, with Tom Hiddleston seen as the current favorite according to bookies (no, really), but the truth is nobody knows anything, despite a new report by the DailyMail that suggests a decision has been made.

The gossipy site claims that Craig has turned down an offer of roughly $76M to star in two more Bond movies, with the actor reportedly saying he is "done" with the role. There isn't much evidence to support their story, and the BBC came out soon after to refute it, saying “no decision is likely to be made for a while”.

The latter point is probably the most accurate. Craig has said in regards to his wrist-slashing comments that it was simply too soon to think about playing Bond again because he was so exhausted. That sounds like a guy biding his time, not only to up his value to the franchise but to physically heal from those grueling shoots.  Rest assured, when a decision is actually made it won't be a secret.