Cap Tries To Stop A Friend In New 'Captain America: Civil War' Clip

We're only days away from Captain America: Civil War crashing into theaters (look for my review later today), but there's still time for Marvel to drop another clip. If you don't want to have anything, not even the tiniest bit spoiled, it's probably a good idea just to avoid it. But to be totally honest this doesn't reveal too much. So let's call it a itsy-bitsy spoilery thing.

In the newly-released scene we see Cap (Chris Evans) furiously trying to stop his pal Bucky (Sebastian Stan) from taking off in a helicopter. We knew Cap was strong, but damn! Anyway, it's more important the reasons why Bucky is trying to get away, and why Cap is so intent on keeping him grounded. The answers to that aren't so simple, and will have to wait until May 6th to be fully revealed.

How excited are you for Captain America: Civil War? Did you see it already? Let us know your thoughts!