Canadians Vs. Nazi Bratwurst In First Trailer For Kevin Smith's 'Yoga Hosers'

Part of a loose trilogy that includes last year's bizarre Justin Long-as-walrus horror Tusk, Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers continues the director's path of doing whatever the Hell he wants. Not that he was ever given to looking for mass audience appeal, even back in the View Askew days, but lately he seems to be taking a certain amount of glee in going as far afield from the mainstream as possible. And Yoga Hosers, which played recently at Sundance, is going to be as divisive as the rest.

Starring celebrity daughters Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith (Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith's kiddos), the very Canadian comedy centers on two teen girls named Colleen who work at the "Eh to Zed" convenience store. Their lives are all about yoga and jammin' with their rock band, but that all changes when they are forced to battle miniature Nazis made of sausage.  Yeah you read that right.

Probably if you dug Tusk then this will be up your alley, but it was one I couldn't get away from fast enough.  Also starring Justin Long, Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Tony Hale, and Johnny Depp as that awful detective Guy Lapointe, Yoga Hosers opens on July 29th and will be part of a countrywide traveling road show.