Box Office: 'Keanu' Tops Flopping 'Mother's Day', 'Civil War' Hits $200M Overseas

1. The Jungle Book- $42.4M/$252M
2. The Huntsman: Winter's War- $9.39M/$33.9M
Universal's star-studded Snow White sequel The Huntsman: Winter's War slid 52% for $9.3M, which isn't all that bad. The film has earned $130M worldwide but despite the additions of Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt it's not likely to hit the nearly $400M run of its Kristen Stewart-led predecessor.
3. Keanu (review here)- $9.35M
The popularity of comic duo Key & Peele made a strong jump to the big screen with their cat action-comedy, Keanu, which opened at $9.35M. There weren't expectation for this to be huge by any means, but with a $15M budget it never really needed to be. And based on the reviews, the duo's cult following, and the titular feline that everyone seems to love, the film is sure to be huge in home release. We might see a spike in George Michael album sales, too.
4. Mother's Day (review here)- $8.3M
Maybe we won't get that anticipated Arbor Day film from Garry Marshall, after all?  Mother's Day, the third of his holiday-themed comedies following the hit Valentine's Day and modestly successful New Year's Eve, was about as popular as working on Christmas. The film featured the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, and Julia Roberts yet only managed an $8.3M opening, far below the prior movies. Usually the target female audience are enough to carry these films for the long haul but even they wanted no part of this one, and apparently neither did dear ol' mom.
5. Barbershop: The Next Cut- $6.1M/$44.7M
6. Zootopia- $5M/$323.5M
Want to know what the #1 movie of the year is worldwide? It's Disney's Zootopia, with $931M.
7. Ratchet & Clank (review here)- $4.8M
2016 may be the year that video game movies finally reach the same heights as comic book films, what with Assassin's Creed, Warcraft, and Angry Birds arriving over the next few months. What's clear is Ratchet & Clank won't be one of the success stories. The animated feature based on the hit Playstation video game series earned only $4.8M, this despite opening in nearly 2900 locations.
8. The Boss- $4.2M/$56.1M
9. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- $3.8M/$325.1M
10. Criminal- $1.3M/$13.4M

Meanwhile, Disney's dominance continues as Captain America: Civil War opened internationally on Wednesday, shield-bashing its way to $200M. That buys a lot of vibranium. The film doesn't debut stateside until next weekend but this is obviously a good sign that it could  do huge numbers, which will only shine a greater light on the quick fall of 'Batman v Superman', which has $862M worldwide after six weeks. 'Civil War' also pits heroes vs. heroes but the early reaction has been extremely positive.