Box Office: Huge $181M Debut For 'Captain America: Civil War', Nears $700M Worldwide

1. Captain America: Civil War (review here)- $181.7M
There's probably no greater evidence of Marvel's dominance that Captain America: Civil War's huge $181.7M domestiv debut, which includes $75M on Friday alone, is hilariously seen as a negative by some. That's only because everything is compared to the $200M might of The Avengers and the $191M of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Let's recall, they said the same thing when Iron Man 3 "only" opened with $174M. Hello! Anyway, Marvel isn't slowing down, folks, and this ranks (as of now) as the 5th highest opening weekend of all-time. It's a cool $15M better than what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did just weeks ago, but 'Civil War' promises to have much greater legs than that one, if only because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Who doesn't want to see that hangar battle 2 or 3 or 10 more times? I sure do. Anybody dying to see more Doomsday? Not really. The interesting thing is that this is technically a Captain America film, and traditionally those have been on the lower side of Marvel's overall numbers. But it plays more like an Avengers film, so it may be smarter to judge its longevity based on those. Adding in the $496M (!!!!) it already has overseas, 'Civil War' has accounted for $678M in total receipts worldwide.
2. The Jungle Book- $21.8M/$284.9M
3. Mother's Day- $9M/$20.7M
Moms everywhere were subject to a Hellish punishment for the Mother's Day holiday as Garry Marshall's atrocious Mother's Day "comedy' actually went up 8% in its second week. Obviously, it was  always going to do decently this weekend but this suggests that kids are looking to exact vengeance on their mothers in shocking numbers. Why is there not an investigation into this?
4. The Huntsman: Winter's War- $3.5M/$40.3M
5. Keanu- $3M/$15.1M
The hilarious kitty action-comedy from Key & Peele actually went up in the number of theaters and still plummeted 67%. Ouch.
6. Barbershop: The Next Cut- $2.7M/$48.7M
7. Zootopia- $2.6M/$327.6M
Disney is runnin' things right now, and it's not out of the realm of possibility they'll have 3 of the 4 biggest movies of the entire year. Moving into the #2 slot as of this weekend is Zootopia, which just moved past 'Batman v Superman' domestically.  Clearly, everything will bow down to 'Civil War' when all is said and done unless something crazy happens.
8. The Boss- $1.7M/$59.1M
9. Ratchet & Clank- $1.4M/$7M
10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- $1M/$327.2M