Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Film Could Be "Crammed" With Villains

When it comes to superhero movies we've now apparently entered the era of "more more more more". This week's Captain America: Civil War will be jammed to the gills with heroes, and so will Avengers: Infinity War, Zack Snyder's Justice League, and the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the case of 'Batman v Superman' it didn't work having so many mouths to feed, and with Warner Bros. trying to whip their DCU into shape you'd think they'd want simpler stories going forward. But maybe that doesn't apply to Ben Affleck and his standalone Batman film?

Take this rumor with a grain of salt considering the source is Birth.Movies.Death who recently had their Aquaman story debunked by James Wan, but they say Affleck's Batman movie will be "crammed" with villains. Affleck and Geoff Johns' screenplay calls for nearly all of the Dark Knight's classic bad guys in an effort to tell the "definitive" Batman story.

The upside to this is that most of them will be fully-formed when introduced into an already established world, meaning there won't be any need for origins. It's possible these could just be cameos for most of them, like maybe a scene in Arkham Asylum where we see Riddler, Penguin, and others locked away behind bars. That wouldn't be so bad, and it would serve as a cool teaser for future movies.

That's just speculation, though. We could be talking about some huge supervillain battle royale or something, and that would not be a good idea.  For instance I'd hate for this to be a story where the villains all break out of Arkham and Batman is the only guy who can take them down. That wouldn't do any of these characters proper justice.

And there's always the chance this rumor is totally false. Likely the story is still being molded and shaped even though we know Affleck has turned in his draft already. Given the shifting landscape of the DCU right now, it's possible we could be seeing a lot of changes take place.