Andrew Garfield And 'It Follows' Director Team For Thriller 'Under The Silver Lake'

Now that he's had the Spidey suit forcibly removed hung up the Spidey suit for good, we may never see Andrew Garfield make another blockbuster movie again. Not that it matters, and certainly it doesn't seem to be one of his major concerns. He's inclined to take on whatever project interests him, like last year's housing crisis drama 99 Homes, or Martin Scorsese's historical film, Silence. And now Garfield has found the next film that has piqued an interest, and it will be a collaboration with It Follows director, David Robert Mitchell.

According to Variety, Garfield will star in Mitchell's crime thriller, Under the Silver Lake, which for now is simply described as “a modern-day noir crime thriller set in Los Angeles." Not much to go on, but with Mitchell also writing the screenplay and stepping behind the camera it should be interesting.

I found It Follows to be a little overrated; a cool premise with average execution. But it had style, and when taken in conjunction with Mitchell's earlier film The Myth of the American Sleepover it showed him to be a director with a unique take on genre. Hopefully he can bring some of that to whatever this next film turns out to be.