Adam Sandler Fakes His Death In 'The Do-Over' Red Band Trailer

Whether you appreciate it or not, Netflix is doing you a solid with their 4-picture deal with Adam Sandler by offering a chance to see him in different kinds of movies. The Ridiculous 6 saw Sandler saddling up in a Western, while his latest flick is the action-heavy comedy, The Do-Over. Oh who am I kidding, there's no reason to be happy about any of this.

A new red band trailer has hit, and honestly I tapped out on this the moment David Spade joined the cast.  Plus it has Nick Swardson. No thanks. Anyway, the story finds Sandler and Spade as two boring old friends who reunite at a high school reunion and decide to fake their deaths and lead the exciting lives they always imagined.

On the plus side, this can't be as bad as The Ridiculous 6 was, can it? Nah, no way.  The Do-Over hits Netflix on May 27th.