'Wolverine 3' Adds 'The Office' Co-Creator Stephen Merchant

Wolverine 3 is really playing its cards close to the vest as the cast continues to grow. Other than Hugh Jackman who will take his final bow as Logan, and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, we don't know who the other characters will be. After Boyd Holbrook and Richard E. Grant recently joined the film in unspecified villain roles, you can now add The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant.

Details on Merchant's role remain a mystery, but looking at him you'd think he's either comic relief, a scientist, or the dorkiest mutant ever. Heck, he might be all three. Merchant joins Martin Freeman as veterans of The Office who have found their way into a Marvel movie.

Directed by James Mangold, Wolverine  3 opens March 3rd 2017. [Deadline]