Wesley Snipes Strikes Multi-Picture Deal With WWE Studios, Will Hopefully Reform The Brood

It's so cool when two of my favorite things come together like this. Earlier this month we learned that Wesley Snipes would be starring alongside WWE superstar Seth Rollins in Temple, an action film from WWE Studios. Okay, that's already amazing enough, but it gets better now that it has been announced as just the first in a multi-picture deal between WWE Studios and Snipes' Maandi Media DMM production banner.

Here's what Snipes had to say about the deal...

“The action genre has been a very big and important part of my career. There is no better way to extend my love for dynamic action based entertainment than with a company like WWE, who have been entertaining fans for decades with incredible visuals and deliciously entertaining storylines. Maandi strives to create elevated multi-media content that appeals to all demographics worldwide - from childhood fan to feature film collaborators.  Wow, sooo cool!  We are all incredibly excited to share visions.”

Not sure how "elevated" us WWE fans want any of these projects to be, but that's okay as long as it means more of Snipes in action. And who knows? With a deal like this we may even get Snipes to enter the ring? What if he showed up as Blade and reformed The Brood or something? He could do it on Edge & Christian's WWE Network show! Or is this all wishful thinking on my part? I'm gushing, Jerry, I'm gushing!