Trailer For Thriller 'When The Bough Breaks' With Morris Chestnut And Regina Hall

Is When the Bough Breaks the Hand that Rocks the Cradle for the modern generation? It kinda looks that way based off this trailer for the psycho thriller directed by Jon Cassar (24) and starring Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut.

Hall and Chestnut play a couple who desperately want to have a baby, but after all of their options are exhausted they turn to a surrogate. Jaz Sinclair (Paper Towns) plays Anna, who appears to be the perfect choice, but as the pregnancy goes forward she begins to develop an unnatural obsession with the husband; an obsession that soon turns deadly.

How was this not named Psycho Surrogate? When the Bough Breaks opens September 16th, and will probably appeal to those who dug last year's The Perfect Guy