Trailer For Road Trip Comedy 'Dear Eleanor' With Jessica Alba, Isabelle Fuhrman, And Liana Liberato

Chances are Kevin Connolly will never escape the shadow of his role as loyal friend/manager Eric Murphy on Entourage, but he's sure giving it a shot. Connolly directed some of the long-running series' best episodes, and has completed his second feature film, the road trip comedy Dear Eleanor, which has just debuted a new trailer.

Set in 1962, the film stars Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) as Max and Liana Liberato (The Best of Me) as  Ellie, best friends who hit the road in hopes of meeting their idol, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. On their cross-country journey across America's heartland they encounter all sorts of colorful characters while trying to avoid Ellie's father, played by Luke Wilson. Jessica Alba co-stars as a dancer they encounter along the way, and there are also roles for Josh Lucas, Ione Skye (!!!), Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Joel Courtney.

Dear Eleanor is available now on DVD and VOD.