Trailer For Hirokazu Koreeda's 'After The Storm' Explores Parenthood Once More

The shifting bond between parents and children is often the focus of Hirokazu Koreeda's films, such as Nobody Knows, Still Walking I Wish, Like Father Like Son, and the recent Our Little Sister. The subject is obviously near and dear to the Japanese filmmaker's heart, and he approaches it once more in his latest film, After the Storm.

Looking very much in the vein of Koreeda's prior films, the story centers on a father (Hiroshi Abe), a former author-turned-private detective, who has become distant from his son and ex-wife. However when his father passes away he decides to turn his life around and reconnect with the family he left behind, taking advantage of a stormy summer night to do so.

While the trailer looks a little corny, Koreeda's films tend to hit the mark on an emotional level. Hopefully it lands a U.S. release date soon, but we still haven't seen Our Little Sister over here so who knows?