Trailer for Animated 'Batman: The Killing Joke' Puts Joker In The Spotlight

It's pretty clear that Zack Snyder's 'Batman v Superman' took many of its cues from one of the darkest periods in Batman's history, Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns". While some may disagree with that approach, Warner Bros. is continuing it in their animated movies, as well. Last year at Comic-Con we learned of an animated, R-rated version of Alan Moore's seminal "The Killing Joke", and now the first teaser for it is here.

The Joker-centric tale features the voice of Mark Hamill as the villain, as he has many times before to tremendous effect. The story provides an account of all of the many hardships that befell an ordinary man and turned him into Batman's top foe. Also figuring heavily into the story is Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, who has an encounter with Joker that many still deem highly controversial. 

Also included is a featurette that digs deeper into how the comic was adapted, and it's suggested there are some changes to some key characters, including Batgirl. Batman: The Killing Joke hits DVD this summer.