The Obamas Go On A Date In First Trailer For 'Southside With You'

Hollywood adores an underdog story more than anything in the world, and whether you like President Barack Obama or not, his story certainly qualifies. And we've seen that the first African-American President has inspired a number of projects about that story, but the one that made a big splash at Sundance this year was Southside with You, which details his first date with Michelle Robinson, the woman who would eventually become his wife.

The first trailer has arrived for the film I called a "sweet and charming" look at how the Obamas were influencing one another right from the start. While the film is written and directed by Richard Tanne, the casting is what will draw the most attention as Parker Sawyers has the unenviable task of playing Obama (he nails the voice) while Tika Sumpter is strong as Michelle. The story chronicles that now-famous 1989 date in 1989 when the two spent the entire day exploring Chicago's culture and people, ending with ice cream and a screening of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

Southside with You opens August 26th.