Russell Crowe Reportedly Joins Watergate Thriller, 'Felt'

Russell Crowe already has one Watergate-style political thriller under his belt, the excellent 2009 ensemble State of Play (worth a revisit, by the way), but now he's ready to join a film about the real thing. According to The Tracking Board, he'll join Liam Neeson in Felt, which centers on Mark Felt, the man revealed to be infamous Watergate informant, "Deep Throat". 

It's unclear who Crowe would be playing in the film, but chances are it would be a key player in the most notorious political scandal this country has ever known. Neeson is set to play Felt, the FBI Deputy Director who confirmed his identity as "Deep Throat" in 2005. While Crowe's role in the film is unclear, the rest of the cast is stellar with Diane Lane, Maika Monroe, and Jason Bateman. Peter Landesman will direct and wrote the script, having worked on controversial material before with Parkland, Concussion, and Kill the Messenger

Next up for Crowe is Shane Black's buddy comedy, The Nice Guys, alongside Ryan Gosling.