Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow': Season 1: Episode 10: "Progeny"

Rip and company are taking very drastic measures on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to defeat Vandal Savage. After watching this week’s episode, I begin to consider if there is ever a reason or cause that merits doing the wrong thing to achieve positive outcome. Do the ends justify the means? This becomes more complex when time travel is introduced into the scenario.

In this week’s episode, Rip Hunter and his team devise a plan that involves kidnapping a teenager, Young Per Degaton, and killing him in order to stop the future ruled by Vandal Savage. Kendra also realizes that she is still in love with Carter Hall and the problems that poses for her relationship with Ray. The kidnapping sequence was great to watch and the last action sequence in the episode was fun because the Legends were fighting together. Did anyone else think it’s funny that Sara was captured by Vandal Savage with a knife after she took out hundreds of soldiers with guns? Mick Rory and Leonard Snart were great this week.

The scene with Rip talking to Young Per Degaton was perfect for me. In that one scene you see how much influence Vandal has on Young Per Degaton. Vandal has brainwashed this young man so much that he does not respect his own father. This is proven when Young Per Degaton kills his father at the end under Vandal’s guidance. Seeing Rip deal with the choice of killing a child was great. I think it showed that Rip knows that he is not willing to make certain choices to ensure the mission is complete. Degaton said it best, “You’re not a Killer”. Vandal Savage is the ultimate manipulator! Vandal is going to find a way to get what he wants. In the beginning of the episode he had an agenda that he was trying to get Tor Degaton (The Father) but was unsuccessful. So what does Vandal do? He manipulates Young Degaton to kill his father to achieve his goal of getting the virus released.

My favorite part of this episode was seeing Carter and Kendra back together on screen. They have amazing chemistry and I was fully invested in their story line. I love how the Kendra and Carter are forced to acknowledge that they can’t live life as a normal family because Savage will always be a constant threat to them. Seeing Carter in this episode gives me hope that we will see him in the remaining episodes of the season. I thought that Ray and Kendra was going to break up this week especially since the flashback scenes were done so well this week. However, Kendra decided to continue to give the relationship another chance. Overall I was happy with this episode. I am looking forward to next week’s episode which features Jonah Hex! I’m also curious to see if the Time Masters are as bad as Mick described. I’m looking forward to seeing the team  in the wild west.