Review: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'; Season 1; Episode 13; "Leviathan"

I was ready to proclaim this week's episode the best episode of the season. There was so much there to enjoy and love! The biggest asset for this week's episode was pacing. There weren't to many moments where I was bored  or not engaged in the story. This episode stands out because each character was featured for the right amount of time and was used in an efficient way. In addition it was nice to see the team operate as a team for almost the entire episode. This was something I was waiting to see since the first episode. The writers are good at developing the characters individually but throughout the season it felt like the team dynamic was being forced  on the audience. Lets get into everything awesome about this week's Legends of Tomorrow!!!

The opening scene was spectacular this week! The sequence with the ship avoiding the explosions in the was fun. I love how the writers have minimized time travel on the show. Rip and the team are at a place now in their journey where they realize time is not on there side and they need to take out Vandal Savage if they are going to change the future. how much fun was it seeing Leonard Snart and Mick Rory trip Rip? That moment was great to see because it reminded me as a viewer wow I enjoy Snart and Rory so much. The action scenes were executed well this week. ***Spoiler***Ray Palmer stepped his game in a major way when he super size himself to take on the Leviathan tech! I could not believe how entertaining and epic that moment was on the show. The writers could have cheapened that moment in so many ways but they didn't!!! My inner fan boy  was doing cartwheels  from the time the fight started until it ended. The Leviathan was phenomenal as well! The way it threw Rip's ship was just great eye candy!

***Spoiler***Vandal Savage got a kid! Yassssss! Get it in sir! How bad are you that you manage to take over the world and start a family while being pursued by a vengeful time traveler. All jokes aside this was the WTF moment of the night for me because I assumed that the last thing Vandal would want to do is start a family.  I wonder if this was done intentionally or if this was a slip up on  Vandal's part.  Why would he want to have children? He is already immortal and he has made his mark throughout history. What's the purpose? Hopefully the writers of the show will answer these questions in future episodes. ***Spoiler*** The other big reveal of the night is when rip admitted that he attempted to save his family in the future but they still died.  If Rip has attempted to save his family via time travel and fail why try again. I get that Rip wants to exhaust  every option to save hisfamily at what point does  he let go and move forward?

I began this entry by saying, I was ready to proclaim this week's episode the best episode of the season. That was until the last ten minutes where Kendra just wimped out on the team.***Spoiler*** The team found a way to weaponize an ancient bracelet that Kendra could use to kill Savage. Fast forward to the end of the episode, Kendra had the opportunity  to kill Savage and she doesn't! Why? It is revealed that Savage has Carter ( Hawkman) under his control and the he is the only one who can restore Carter's mind back. I think I'm more mad about the writers taking this approach because everything prior to this moment felt as if it was leading  towards resolution. I'm not sure where else they could take the story, but I hope that the remainder of the season continues to go in the direction of the first half of the episode. Overall this is probably my favorite episode for the season. Looking forward to next weeks episode.