Review: 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow': Season 1, Episode 11, "Magnificent Eight"

 This weeks episode of Legends of Tomorrow was just okay for me this week. I did  not hate the episode, but I did not love it. Maybe this could have something to do with my lack of interest in Westerns. I can't think of any Western film or television shows that has kept my attention. 
Firefly is the only one that come to mind right now. Maybe its me realizing that Legends of Tomorrow is still trying to find its identity in this pool of comic book themed television shows. I have not  put my finger on it yet but I will give the show props for taking risk. I also think its awesome that the CW has renewed the show for a second season which means that the writers and producers have time to fix what did not work this season and come up with new ideas for a successful 2nd season.

The MVP of this episode for me was Ray Palmer. Viewers were able to see all sides of Ray. He was funny, heroic, noble I love that Ray is the 'Good Guy'. In this episode he becomes sheriff to defend the people against the Stillwater Gang after Snart kills one of their members. He  has great funny moments throughout the show. My favorite moment was hearing Palmer recite the Miranda rights and Leonard reminding him that the Miranda rights have not been created. I loved that he named himself  Sheriff  John Wayne. I also appreciated how he stood his ground against Rip Hunter in the episode. Dr. Stein was also good as he provides treatment to an a child who is sick with tuberculosis.

There were parts of this episode that felt redundant . Kendra's storyline is becoming less interesting to me. It feels like in every episode she is either trying to make things right with Ray or figure out her past. I feel like her storyline has been exhausted. Then this week, she stated that she is looking for Carter. When did that become a priority?  I'm not sure if that was an oversight for the writers or if they are going to resolve any of Kendra's issues but I hope the character is handled better in future episodes. I thought it was cool seeing Kendra interact with an older version of herself but overall I did not care to much about Kendra this week. Rip did the same thing he does every week which is yell at the team for trying help people and reveal something from his past that he is reaping the consequences for now. I never fully understood why Rip still tries to operate within the rules of the Time Masters. I feel like Rip should just let go and have a "by any means necessary"attitude  as takes  on Vandal Savage.  Jonah Hex was a big disappointment for me! The make up was decent, but there was no insight into him outside of his past interactions with Rip. Moving forward , I hope  the show adds more action and focus more and stopping Vandal Savage ascent to power. Next week's episode looks exciting, can't wait to see how the team survives there next challenge.