Review: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow': Episode 9: "Left Behind"

This week brings a new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! It has been two weeks since the last episode and my mind has been racing over where this story is going. This week’s episode was very satisfying on some levels and lacking in others. After watching Batman V Superman last week, the big takeaway for me as a critic and fan boy is to manage my expectations. It is with this thought that we delve into this show.
The biggest positive for me was the return was the return of the Mick Rory aka Heat Wave. His energy and presence was a bit darker than the last time he was featured on the show. The Rory we see now has now been identified as Chronos. I thought this was an interesting direction for Heat Wave. On one hand, his character has evolved to just being the muscle to someone who has a mission and a personal vendetta against Leonard Snart. My favorite line from the show was when Rory said Snart, “You’re supposed to be the smart one”. That line shifted the dynamic between Snart and Rory. Mick explains that after Snart left him, the Time Masters found him and took him to their “boot camp for Chronos soldiers” that exist somewhere outside the time line. I love that Rory is more strategic and menacing. I also love that Rory on some level has made Snart eat every condescending word he has uttered towards him. The one question that I had about the revelation of Rory’s character was, has been Chronos the entire season? If so then, why would he willingly try to kill himself while he was on the ship in earlier episodes? If that was explained, it was not made clear.
Another great part of the show was seeing Ra’s Al Ghul on the show! He was my favorite part of season 3 for Arrow and was definitely one of the more memorable villains from the DC television universe. He was consistent in how he portrayed Ra’s on Legends of Tomorrow. Sara Lance was to dreadful on this episode. I assumed she was working her way to finding a balance between Sara the assassin versus Sara the Legend. I hope the writers handle her better in the remaining episodes for the season.  The scenes between Kendra and Ray were okay, but I still find it hard to invest in their relationship. The chemistry between both of them is small. I also feel like that Kendra is going to encounter Carter (Hawkman) at some point this season, so why are the writers trying to force this relationship on the viewers?
There are 7 episodes remaining for this season of Legends of Tomorrow. I have enjoyed watching the show up to this point. There is news that Patrick J. Adams is going to play another  DC character. I'm curious to see who he is going to play. I’m looking forward to seeing Jonah Hex, the return of Hawkman, and the final showdown with Vandal Savage.  I also look forward to seeing what they do with Mick Rory on the show. I can’t wait ‘til next week!