Review: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1, Episode 12, "Last Refuge"

*SPOILERS!!* This week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow has renewed my excitement and anticipation for the remainder of the season. There are about five episodes left and the producers are making it clear that the Legends are going to be in for the fight of their lives. So lets get into what happened this week!

This week, the Time Masters  Council pulled out all the stops to end Rip Hunter's crusade to fix the past. They sent their number one bounty hunter Prime to destroy the Legends in their youth. Without question, Prime (Faye Kingslee) was the highlight of the show for me. I love it when Ray said "Come with me if you want to live" during the shows opening sequence. That of course is line from Terminator and it set the tone perfectly for this week's episode. Every time I saw Prime on screen I was entrance by her beauty and I bought into the threat that she posed for the team. One thing I feel the writers did right on this episode was use Prime not only as the antagonist but she represent the seriousness of the Time Master Council's mission. I felt like Chronos had the potential to do the same thing on the show but when it was revealed that the character was Mick Rory, then it became less about the Time Masters and more Rory getting even with Snart. Prime was ruthless, deadly, and had no redeeming qualities. She could hold her own in a fight as well. The way she handled White Canary in the police officer station was  great. Prime was taking out officers without breaking a sweat. However the final showdown featured the best fight scene so far in this season. I think I was more impressed with how the scene was blocked. Prime was surrounded by each member of the Legends . Prime was able to slow down time and space which served as a killer defense tactic.

My only gripe about this episode is that they killed of Prime, I really believe there was more that could've been done with Prime in future episodes. I really think it would've been nice for Savage to have used Prime to cause major damage for the Legends.I guess we will never know.

Another highlight was seeing Jax with his dad and Mick interact with their younger selves. I thought it was surprising to see Mick attempt to fix his past by encouraging his younger self not to go to the "dark side". I also love how Rip introduced his team to his "mother" and his younger self. Overall, this episode was exciting  and entertaining. Excited to see how the season will end.