Nicholas Hoult And Felicity Jones Hit The Road In New 'Collide' Trailer

Formerly known as Autobahn and now going by the crazy generic title of Collide, little has been heard of the fast-paced action flick since it completed shooting a couple of years ago. Mostly the reason has to do with Relativity Media's bankruptcy, wish led to Open Road snagging the rights and setting it for a release date this fall. The other reason is that it doesn't look very good, despite a winning cast from top to bottom.

Starring Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Kingsley, the plot of this one is pretty basic. Hoult plays man who goes on the run on the dangerous German speedway after a heist goes wrong.  There's always a chance that the cast will make this far better than it appears from this new international trailer, plus director Eran Creevey did some solid genre work on his prior film, Welcome to the Punch. My fingers are definitely crossed for this one, if for no other reason than the cast is great and those cars are sweet as Hell.

Collide is now set to open October 30th.

【極速之巔 Collide】國際版預告No.1 by dabao-zhou