New Trailer For Sci-Fi Romance 'Equals' Starring Kristen Stewart And Nicholas Hoult

Drake Doremus' first two films Like Crazy and Breathe In explored the durability of love in different ways. Does distance matter when two people love one another enough? Are we truly meant to love just one person for the rest of our lives? Can love be enough to make a person's life worth living? These are pretty big questions, and now Doremus is asking them on a much bigger genre platform in Equals, his sci-fi film starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult.

A new trailer for the futuristic romance has been released, and other than the sci-fi trappings it looks like another intimate Doremus drama. Stewart and Hoult play Silas and Nia, members of a seemingly Utopian society where human emotion has been genetically wiped out. Despite this, an attraction builds between them, and they embark on an illicit relationship that could prove dangerous.

Also starring Guy Pearce, Jacki Weaver, Aurora Perrineau, and Kate Lyn Sheil, Equals opens July 1st.