New Trailer For HBO's 'All The Way' Starring Bryan Cranston As LBJ

How good was Bryan Cranston when he hit Broadway as Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way? He won a Tony Award for his performance as the 36th President of the United States, and now HBO hopes awards will continue to follow him for their upcoming movie version.

Cranston reprises his role as LBJ in the film, which reunites him with Jay Roach, the director of his Oscar-nominated performance in Trumbo.  Anthony Mackie plays Martin Luther King Jr. in the drama which centers on LBJ's tumultuous first year in office following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The choices he makes, in particular regarding the Civil Rights Act, have the potential to bring the country together or tear it apart.

Also starring Melissa Leo, Stephen Root, and Frank Langella, All the Way airs on HBO beginning May 21st.