Mel Gibson To Direct Kurt Russell And Kate Hudson In TV Series, 'The Barbary Coast'

In recent years TV has been the home of filmmakers fed up with the studio system its stifling grip on creativity. But can it also be a refuge for those who have been shunned by Hollywood? Mel Gibson certainly hopes so, and he's headed to the small screen for a potentially amazing adaptation, joined by a cast that's sure to draw some eyeballs.

Gibson will co-write, direct, and take a recurring role in The Barbary Coast, an adaptation of Herbert Asbury's book about the 1849 Gold Rush boom that helped launch San Francisco, and the criminal element that emerged as a result. Politicians, swindlers, gold-seekers, prostitutes (kinda redudandant, right?), and more made their way to the fledging city, creating a unique blend of danger and celebrity. If it sounds a little bit like Gangs of New York, well that's because Asbury wrote that book, as well.

Starring in the series will be Kurt Russell and his children, Kate and Oliver Hudson. Wyatt Russell, Bruce Davey, and Rick Nicita co-star, although none of the roles have been revealed. After not really working together throughout their careers, Kurt and Kate seem to be making up for lost time. They'll star together in the upcoming drama, Deepwater Horizon.

No word on when this would shoot or what network it could land on, but don't be surprised if it attracts a lot of attention. Gibson has already completed his latest directorial effort, the WWII  drama Hacksaw Ridge, starring Andrew Garfield. [Deadline]