Mel Gibson Fights To Survive In The 'Blood Father' Trailer

Since Mel Gibson began his "comeback" he's only led a handful of films. The most recent was 2012's Get the Gringo which few saw, and there was also the vengeance thriller Edge of Darkness. It's a genre that's always suited Gibson stretching back to his early career, and now he's coming back to it once more with Blood Father, which has just dropped the first trailer.

Gibson slips into a familiar role, playing an ex-convict father who puts aside his personal demons to protect his troubled daughter from a drug kinpin who is out for blood. The film is directed by  Jean-Fran├žois Richet (Mesrine) with William H. Macy, Diego Luna, Erin Moriarty, Michael Parks, and Richard Cabral co-starring. While there doesn't appear to be anything especially novel about the film based on this footage, there's a ton of action and Gibson seems at home in the role.

Blood Father opens in Australia in August but has yet to gain a U.S. date. Next up for Gibson is his latest directorial effort, the WWII drama Hacksaw Ridge starring Andrew Garfield.