Meet "Carlos Danger" In The Trailer For Award-Winning Documentary, 'Weiner'

>sigh<  Poor Anthony Weiner. Y'know, it's one thing for a politician to stumble into some kind of scandal, hey it happens, but the last thing a guy with the last name of "Weiner" should do is get caught sending dick pics.  The jokes were just too easy, and they derailed what had been at that point a very promising career. The former congressman tried to re-enter the world of politics in 2013 by running for mayor of New York City, and that shit went terribly. The story of just how bad it was became the subject of the Sundance award-winning documentary, Weiner, and the trailer for it is here.

Directed by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, the film chronicles Weiner's failed campaign, but it also shows how readily the media was to take down such a fiery, outspoken political celebrity. Weiner was funny, charismatic, and had a take no prisoners style in debates that made him a progressive champion, but when the sexting scandal hit all of that went away. Weiner was never able to escape the humiliating specter of what he'd done, and still hasn't to this day. I still hear the occasional "Carlos Danger" joke.

The thing that always bugged me about Weiner's downfall is that it was over pictures, not any actual infidelity. And he wasn't someone who passed himself off as a "family values" type, like so many others do who are caught committing adultery and pay no price at all. They usually have an (R) next to their names.

Anyway, Weiner hits theaters on May 20th and VOD on May 26th.