Marvel's 'Iron Fist' Casts Jessica Henwick As Martial Artist Colleen Wing

So far there are only two confirmed actors for Marvel's Iron Fist Netflix series, and both are veterans of HBO's Game of Thrones. After Finn Jones was cast as hero Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, now comes word that Jessica Henwick will play his butt-kicking friend, Colleen Wing.

Henwick played Nymeria Sand on Game of Thrones, one of the infamous "Sand Snakes" that appeared during season 5 and will again in season 6. Henwick also had a small role as X-wing pilot Jessika Pava in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so she's definitely an actress on the rise. It'll be interesting to see her portrayal of Wing, who grew up in Japan and was raised in the way of the samurai. She's a lethal combatant and a best friend to Misty Knight, who will be portrayed by Simone Missick in the Luke Cage series. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Wing, and Knight form an inseparable group of friends who have been fighting alongside one another for years. Hopefully there will be enough crossover between the two shows that we can get a sense of their bond. In the series, Wing will run her own dojo in New York City, befriending Rand when he returns from the mystical land of K'un L'un.

Fun fact: Wing once dated the Scott "Cyclops" Summers of the X-Men after he had run off to basically go find himself while Jean Grey was presumed dead. It didn't last, but she gets points for trying to capitalize on the situation.

No firm air date for Iron Fist yet but it's expected to arrive in 2017, [EW]