Marielle Heller To Direct Same-Sex Marriage Film Based On 'The Case Against 8'

By now you've hopefully had a chance to check out The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Don't let the name fool you; Marielle Heller's directorial debut was as raw as they come, earning raves at Sundance and during the awards. She's quickly become one of the most sought after directors around, recently joining J.J. Abrams and Daisy Ridley for a fantasy romance titled Kolma. And yet she's not done, and her next project may prove even bigger.

Heller is set to write and direct a feature adaptation of The Case Against 8, HBO's documentary about the historic case to overturn California's Proposition 8. The film followed the attorneys and couples who fought for same-sex marriage rights, taking that fight all the way to the Supreme Court. But the most extraordinary thing was who those attorneys were; Ted Olsen and David Boies, who were polar opposites ideologically and had gone against one another in the bullshit landmark Bush v. Gore case.

No word on when this get rolling, but with 20th Century Fox backing it and the timely material, expect there to be a lot of attention focused its way. [THR]