Leslie Bibb Returns to Marvel For 'Captain America: Civil War' News Report

Whenever Marvel needs to make one of their movies seem more important, they call up Leslie Bibb to reprise her role as reporter Christine Everhart. She first appeared as a writer for Vanity Fair in Iron Man 2, then last year she returned in a viral video hyping Ant-Man. And now she's back again with a news report spotlighting Captain America: Civil War.

As the host of the 'WHIH Newsfront' program, Everhart engages in a discussion central to the 'Civil War' story; the accountability of heroes for the amount of damage they cause. Joined by pro-superhero analyst Will Adams (played by The Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal), Everhart is arguing in favor of the Avengers submitting themselves to U.N oversight.

Also keep an eye on the ticker below for updates on HYDRA member Alexander Pierce (played by Robert Reford in 'The Winter Soldier') and General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) who will make his return in 'Civil War' for a key role.