Latest 'Civil War' WHIH Viral Video Updates On The Mandarin And Ant-Man

Marvel is really going all-in with this Captain America: Civil War conflict. For those who may have missed the dozens of promos for it already, the Avengers are split over the idea of superhero accountability and U.N oversight. Captain America thinks heroes should be autonomous, while Iron Man feels some supervision isn't necessarily a bad thing. We've already seen this topic explored in recent viral video from Marvel's fake news outlet, WHIH, and now they're back with another that takes the question to the people.

Once again it's Leslie Bibb as WHIH Newsfront host Christine Everhart, joined by The Daily Show's Al Madrigal as Will Adams. Titled "The Cost of Saving the World", the segment asks the man on the MCU street who should pay for all of the damage done by superheroics. Should it be the heroes themselves, or the taxpayers they save?  The most interesting thing about these videos aren't the comments by the stars, but the ticker at the bottom. In this one we get updates on The Mandarin (he's got a movie coming out!!!) and Pym Technologies, which seems to be going through some tough times.

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th.