John Krasinski Is The New 'Jack Ryan' In Amazon's TV Series

Remember back when John Krasinski was up for the Captain America role? Seems like forever ago, doesn't it? And back then it was hard to imagine Jim from The Office doing anything other than cracking jokes from behind a desk. Well that has definitely changed, and Krasinski showed he makes a pretty good tough guy in Michael Bay's 13 Hours. And now the actor is taking those skills and heading back to the small screen in a series adaptation of the Jack Ryan movies.

Krasinski will play CIA analyst Jack Ryan in the eponymous series picked up by Amazon Studios. Running the show will be Lost duo Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland, and they've got a task ahead of them. The Jack Ryan films were once wildly popular with The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger. But they hit a bump in the road when the Ben Affleck-led Sum of All Fears failed to live up to expectations. The franchise sat dormant for 12 years until 2014's failed reboot, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and obviously producers felt TV was a better way to continue on.

This is probably the smart way to go. We could be talking about Jack Ryan as the new 24 if Amazon plays their cards right. [Deadline]